Dhurakij Pundit University

About DPU

Founded on May 30, 1968 by Dr. Sawai Suthipitak and Mr. Sanan Ketudat and originally located at Phraram VI road, Klong Prapa. The name “Dhurakij Pundit” literally means Business Knowledge.

In 1970, the institution became a college under the name Dhurakij Pundit College. The rapid growth and continuous success of the college has led to its being conferred University status by the Thai Ministry of Education to become Dhurakij Pundit University in 1984. With national ongoing developments and expansion of the education arena, the founders decided to relocate to a new campus at Klong Prapa, Prachachuen, on an over-40-acre plot of land amidst a beautiful green environment to accommodate new buildings and modern teaching and learning facilities.

Over 49 years, the University has produced more than 120,000 alumni; 100,000 with Bachelor’s degrees, 10,000 with Master’s degrees, and 100 with Doctoral degrees and it currently employs a total of 1,100 faculty and staff members, among which 25% are Doctoral Degree holders, and more than 75% have Master’s Degree. The total student enrolment at all levels is approximately 20,000.

With the founders’ non-compromising commitment, to produce graduates with knowledge, skills and professional ethics to become a good citizen of the society, the University embraces the founding principles of “Business People Build the Nation” that leads our university to become “Business Resources Academic University”.

Starting with just one program, today Dhurakij Pundit is proud to play host to more than ten different Undergraduate, Master’s and Doctoral Degrees across a variety of disciplines.

In addition, DPU is proud to be part of exchange programs as far as the United States and Australia serving as a bridge between the East and the West; and most importantly, Dhurakij Pundit University is very proud to be part of our great local community and the great country of Thailand.