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Cockatoo – Study Abroad is committed to help Myanmar Under Graduate and Post Graduate Students study at quality universities abroad.

We provide services in consulting to the Myanmar students who are interesting in experiencing study abroad.

Currently, we have partnerships with qualified Thailand Universities which can provide decent Bachelor Degrees & Master Degrees.

We also have scholarship programs to help you with your study. Scholarship offering starting from 30% to 100%. Call us now to grab your chance.


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Panyapiwat Institute of Management or PIM (formerly Panyapiwat Institute of Technology) is an institution of higher education founded with the funding from Sueksapiwat Company Limited.

Founded on May 30, 1968 by Dr. Sawai Suthipitak and Mr. Sanan Ketudat and originally located at Phraram VI road, Klong Prapa. The name “Dhurakij Pundit” literally means Business Knowledge.

The University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce (UTCC) is the oldest private non-profit higher education institution offering degrees in Business Administration, Accounting, ….

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